For the economic development of a region, the issue of accessibility is of key importance. This includes both the (internal and external) infrastructure and the transport connections provided: what means of transport are there to get from A to B inside a region, and how can the region be reached from elsewhere? The EU therefore continues to stress the importance of accessibility in their (funding) programmes, besides other key issues as employment, innovation and sustainability.

We can help you with solutions on various levels within this field: from developing a regional transport programme to schemes to improve the use of public transport, projects and studies on (cross-border) cargo-routes, or innovative projects involving the use of new technologies and alternative energy.

One of our roles would be to involve all partners, both the “players” and the “customers”, when setting up a programme or a project. This implies knowledge of the differences in formal and informal (working) cultures for each of these parties, especially if they work from different regions or countries. We would be happy to bridge these gaps for you!

Recent activities include participation in a working group on sustainable transport in the Rhine-Waal region, contacts with initiatives along the “E70” European water transport route, an idea on new sustianable trainsport “Train 2.0”, and ongoing plans for reopening of the cross-border Nijmegen – Kleve railway link, between the Netherlands and Germany.