Tourism has developed into one of the largest economic activities worldwide, providing income and jobs in both rural and urban areas. Whereas in rural areas tourism is mostly still regarded as an additional source of income connected to the natural resources and landscape, in urban regions tourism mostly focuses on cultural aspects, history and architecture, including the cultural heritage. The projects we would like to discuss with you cover a similar large span, for example the design and development of (cross-border) tourist routes for cyclists, or generating ideas for new tourist facilities and suitable use and regeneration of historic buildings, each of which are subjects mentioned in the EU funding programmes. Also, the combination of tourism with nature and health issues, or healthy ageing, can be provided through our contacts and partners.

Our involvement can also include investment plans for a tourist resort or participation in a regional tourist centre development project. From the first project idea and finding a suitable location and carrying out a first “field visit”, contacting local authorities on local (cooperation) possibilities, finding property and exploring funding possibilities, to a more detailed project plan: we look forward to help you find your way in Europe!

Having achieved a certificate on sustainable tourism management in 2013, we can provide you with an up to date insight in sustaining your tourism project!