Hermanns Consultancy can be your partner in setting up projects in various fields. Here we have listed those areas in which we would like to cooperate with you!
Our strength is working towards overall project-solutions, not just focussing on certain specific subject or details within a project or programme. If required, we have a network of other (specialised) consultants to assist us.

First of all, finding projects, partners and funds: maybe the most challenging of all project decisions, is to set a target “what do we want to achieve, and where will we go from here…”. We would like to introduce you to the “art” of project finding, either through direct support or training sessions: you give us a hint, an indication of what you want, and together with you and your partners we will “brainstorm” on the next steps! Also, before writing a project proposal or programme, we can assist you to carry out an analysis and/or feasibility study of the relevant data.
Similarly, when writing regional programmes, it is also essential to include partners with sufficient knowledge of the region and the subject(s). Let us help you find these partners!
We can also assist you in developing a multiple-country project by finding suitable partners, establishing the project network organisation, finding the matching EUfunds, helping you overcome language barriers and cultural differences, and writing the project proposal.

Finally, once a project is approved, we can support the project implementation, by offering you project management support, either on an “all-in” basis or by fulfilling specific tasks for you, for example financial management, engaging (new) partners, fulfilling the reporting requirements or preparing for meetings and events.

We have also developed and carried out several trainings on project development, implementation and management, as well as general training on EU Funding programmes, cross-border cooperation or thematic programmes and projects, such as rural development. Click here for a track record of services, ongoing and past projects.