• As of late 2019, Hermanns Consultancy is formally operating under the name of Climate Valley Consulting B.V.
  • 2020-2024: INTERREG and LIFE Applications foreseen for Climate Cleanup,¬†Dam Removal Europe, the Botanica project on peatlands and (follow-up) projects also linked to Drawdown Europe.
  • After working voluntarily for Ark2030, as of July 2023 we have started working in a small team on building a nature and climate based project management system and a connected platform, a related¬† primary education project and a nature restoration programme “Restore Europe”.
  • October 2018 to October2019: Project management of the INTERREG NWE Project CHIPS on cycle highways, for the province of Flemish Brabant (BE).
  • 2017-2023: Several applications submitted for the EU-LIFE and INTERREG programmes, follow-up or revised applications planned, for example under INTERREG Europe2021-2027.
  • Featured projects: Botanica, a peatlands restoration project and follow-up including micro-projects removal, Restore Europe and a nature and climate based platform and education project: more to follow in 2024!
    Please contact us if you want to know more!
  • Autumn 2019: For the Drawdown project, Hermanns Consultancy contributed to translation of the Drawdown book in Dutch.


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