Maybe it was my youth, where I grew up in an international environment and close to nature. Maybe it is my fascination for maps, but also for geography and history, inherited from my father… But for Climate Valley Consulting and Hermanns Consultancy setting up, developing and managing (European) projects with a focus on sustainability is not just an assignment, it is a passion!

We are now celebrating our 22nd year as a consultancy for (mainly) EU-funded project development and management, covering a wide range of subjects. Our activities include the following:

  • Generating project ideas and discussing project proposals;
  • Matching projects with suitable funding;
  • Finding and contacting cooperation partners, and setting up a suitable project-organisation, including (organisation of) training;
  • Consulting on, reviewing and monitoring (external) projects;
  • Embedding projects in the scope of EU or other programmes: regional urban and rural development, tourism, cross-border cooperation, water/climate, sustainability, transport, nature restoration, other…
  • Training, supporting and coaching on all of the above!

Hermanns Consultancy was founded in 2002 by Wietse W. Hermanns.
In 2019/2020, Hermanns Consultancy has ceased to exist as a formal entity and was replaced by Climate Valley Consulting B.V.
Website and Email-address will however continue to be operational.

Prior to 2002, I have built up my expertise in EU-funded project and programme development and management as consultant and policy officer for several governmental and private organisations, and NGOs. EU-funded programmes in general and INTERREG in particular have characterised my career for almost 40 years!